Punkty pomiaru ruchu rowerowego w Krakowie


Cheap flights and sleeps

http://www.fly4free.pl/ https://www.skyscanner.pl/ https://www.amoma.com/ https://www.booking.com/ https://www.airbnb.pl/

Discogs – Database and Marketplace for Music on Vinyl, CD, Cassette and More

https://www.discogs.com/ cd and album cover art

Quote of the Day

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” – W. Edwards Deming

Unicode Character that looks like ASCII characters

‘allow_‌​safe_labels’ VS ‘allow_safe_labels’ Check it out at: Diacritics Remover (remove/replace non ASCII characters) Unicode Character Detector

YouTube HD channels

Documentary Channel HD MegastructureHD Megastructures National Geographic

Visualizing a Classic CPU In Action: The 6502

Visualizing a Classic CPU In Action: The 6502 Visual Transistor-level Simulation of the 6502 CPU and other chips!

Automobile-Catalog the complete Catalog of Cars, car specs database

Complete Catalog of Cars produced worldwide since 1945 – hundreds of thousands cars with detailed specifications, comprehensive technical data and performance data. The simulation of all cars accelerations and performance in road conditions is based on ProfessCars™ software and detailed technical parameters of each individual model

Słowniczek kolarza


Ela Benducka – Projekt 190m