IntelliJ IDEA: Find in Path behaves strange. It looks always for the same code. Is it a bug?

Richardson Maturity Model

steps toward the glory of REST

Git Merge vs. Rebase: What’s the Diff?

Bitcoin – Block Explorer

You can search for things like… Address , Transaction , Block , or Hash

Bash/sh – difference between && and ; If previous command failed with ; the second one will run. But with && the second one will not run. This is a “lazy” logical “AND” operand between operations.

Correlation IDs for microservices architectures

A Correlation ID, also known as a Transit ID, is a unique identifier value that is attached to requests and messages that allow reference to a particular transaction or event chain. The Correlation Pattern, which depends on the use of Correlation ID is a well documented Enterprise Integration Pattern Correlation IDs for microservices architectures The ...

The biggest IT job board for Polish Devs

“Płatna Java” podana na zimno

„Java teraz będzie płatna” – takie hasło krąży ostatnio po sieci. Należy uczciwie stwierdzić, że nie wzięło się znikąd. Warto jednak odczarować pewne mity, które wokół tego narosły, szczególnie jeśli twoja kariera lub biznes w jakiś sposób wiążą się z użytkowaniem platformy Java SE.

Set environment variables from file of key/pair values (like .env)

White spaces in the value source

Too much fun with “git pull –rebase”