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ECMAScript 6 / ECMAScript 2015 tutorials

ECMAScript 6 compatibility table ECMAScript 6 New Features: Overview & Comparison Learn ES2015 Overview of ECMAScript 6 features ECMAScript 6 Cheatsheet Exploring ES6 jsfeatures Minimalist examples of ES6 functionalities Understanding ECMAScript 6

Zsh/Bash startup files loading order (.bashrc, .zshrc etc.)

Project Guidelines

I cannot sign in with my Apple ID: “This action could not be completed. Try again”

If you stuck with message like this, try that: sudo mkdir -p /Users/Shared sudo chown root:wheel /Users/Shared sudo chmod -R 1777 /Users/Shared

Architecture of Giants: Data Stacks at Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and Pinterest

Comparison of FTP Versions: FTP, FTPS, FTPES, SFTP

Dlaczego 99% firm, które tworzą API restowe kłamie?

Scala interview questions

Brew cask apps one-liner updater

for name in $(brew cask list) ; do brew cask reinstall $name; done