Udemy – Online Courses

Udemy – Online Courses

Regular expressions in Scala

Tutorial on basics of regular expressions in Scala Tutorial on advanced use of regular expressions in Scala Very useful editor for trying out your regular expressions Regular expressions for email addresses

New Features In Symfony 3.2: Workflow Component, Twig And Other Changes

https://www.cloudways.com/blog/symfony-3-2-features/ http://symfony.com/blog/symfony-3-2-0-released

The Scalawags

The Scalawags – Monthly podcasts about Scala language

Piazza: The incredibly easy, completely free Q&A platform

The incredibly easy, completely free Q&A platform. Save time and help students learn using the power of community

Five Scala courses launched on Coursera

http://www.scala-lang.org/blog/2016/05/23/scala-moocs-specialization-launched.html Functional Programming Principles in Scala Functional Program Design in Scala Parallel programming Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark Functional Programming in Scala Capstone

About Scala

Scala as a better Java Why Should I Learn Scala? Scala – język przyszłości Dlaczego warto programować w Scali Scala – pierwsze kroki cz.1 Scala — pierwsze kroki cz.2 Scala — pierwsze kroki cz.3 Scala — pierwsze kroki cz.4 Scala — pierwsze kroki cz.5 Podstawy Języka Scala Scala Documentation – Unfortunately, there is not yet ...

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Hortonworks Sandbox

Hortonworks Sandbox is a personal, portable Apache Hadoop® and its ecosystem environment that comes with dozens of interactive tutorials and the most exciting developments from the Apache community Hortonworks Sandbox on a VM Apache, Hadoop, Falcon, Atlas, Tez, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Pig, Hive, HBase, Accumulo, Storm, Solr, Spark, Ranger, Knox, Ambari, ZooKeeper, Oozie, Metron

Podstawy Akka

Akka oraz Typesafe Activator podstawy część 1 Akka podstawy część 2 – Akka routing Akka podstawy część 3 – Akka Java 8 Akka podstawy część 4 – Akka stany