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Enduhub – sport results. Running, triathlon, cycling

All results in one place. Results for marathon and halfmarathon running – ironman and olimpic triathlon – cycling – swimming – mountain biking

Kotlin – jak zacząć?

https://blog.geekydevs.com/kotlin-jak-zaczac/ https://blog.geekydevs.com/tag/kotlin/

Operator Precedence in Java


Modifying an AWS CloudFormation Stack Policy

https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSCloudFormation/latest/UserGuide/protect-stack-resources.html#protect-stack-resources-modifying To get current stack policy, run the following command: aws cloudformation get-stack-policy --region AWS_REGION --stack-name STACK_NAME | jq '.StackPolicyBody' | sed 's/"{/{/g' | sed 's/}"/}/g' | sed 's/\\n/ /g' | sed 's/\\"/"/g' | jq '.' To allow further modification of a stack policy, run the following command: aws cloudformation set-stack-policy --region AWS_REGION --stack-name STACK_NAME ...

jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor


AWS: Prevent Updates to Stack Resources

When you create a stack, all update actions are allowed on all resources. By default, anyone with stack update permissions can update all of the resources in the stack. During an update, some resources might require an interruption or be completely replaced, resulting in new physical IDs or completely new storage. You can prevent stack ...

Plitwickie Jeziora

Jeziora Plitwickie. Piękno chorwackiej przyrody Jeziora Plitwickie – jak zwiedzać, ile kosztują bilety, co ze sobą zabrać? Jeziora Plitwickie – magiczna kraina jezior W krainie turkusowych jezior i niezliczonych wodospadów Jeziora Plitwickie, czyli turkusowa atrakcja Chorwacji 7 Hiking Trails of Plitvice Lakes National Park (Map) Map

Chorwacja – Rozklad podróży 2018

https://crolove.pl/planowanie-podrozy-chorwacji-uwzglednieniem-natezenia-ruchu-drogowego/ https://www.chorwackie.pl/chorwacja/rozklad-podrozy.html

Easy Blue-Green Deployments on Amazon EC2