JSON Web Tokens online decoder


Java 8 Method Reference: How to Use it


Vert.x async coordination (sequential composition aka synchronous executions)

Sequential composition Orchestrate asynchronous executions Source code

Wyszukiwarka podmiotów gospodarki narodowej (REGON, NIP, KRS)


Serbia, Kosovo power grid row delays European clocks

https://www.reuters.com/article/serbia-kosovo-energy/serbia-kosovo-power-grid-row-delays-european-clocks-idUSL5N1QP2FF https://www.entsoe.eu/news-events/announcements/announcements-archive/Pages/News/2018-03-06-press-release-continuing-frequency-deviation-in-the-continental-european-power-system.aspx https://wysokienapiecie.pl/8656-kto-ukradl-prad-za-3-mln-euro-spowolnil-europejskie-zegary/ https://www.swissgrid.ch/swissgrid/en/home/experts/topics/frequency.html

PGP, GPG – bezpieczne szyfrowanie dla każdego


Faragta Learning

Faragta Learning provides free online tutorials to programmers from beginners to advanced level on a vast majority of topics including HTML, JavaScript, C#, AWS, Cloud, Databases and more

10 Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Open and Save Dialogs

http://www.automatedworkflows.com/2012/02/13/10-mac-os-x-productivity-tips-for-open-and-save-dialogs/ To see hidden files and folders, press Command+Shift+Period (>) To manually navigate to a folder, press Command+Shift+G (or / or ~). Enter the desired path. As you type it in, you can press tab to auto-complete folder names

Master your Java Environnement with jenv

jEnv is a command line tool to help you forget how to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable. jenv is for a equivalent of rbenv, but for Java environment. It allow to easily switch between several JDKs installations (already presents), and configure which one to use per project. http://www.jenv.be/ https://github.com/gcuisinier/jenv http://davidcai.github.io/blog/posts/install-multiple-jdk-on-mac/

Using Amazon RDS