I18n Javascript

Asset variables are very useful if you need to produce different outputs for the same asset, for example when making your Javascripts i18n ready.

Doctrine 2 hangs when enabling APC cache on Ubuntu

It is necessary to add a flag to the apc.ini file in /etc/php5/cli/apc.ini extension=apc.so apc.enable_cli=1

execute PHP online – functions-online

Execute and test several functions of the programming language PHP right here online. Choose your function from one of the categories array, cryptography, custom, date and time, general, math, regular expression, string or URL.

The world’s most awesome jQuery Image Gallery


Open Graph Debugger

Helps you debug your Open Graph pages. Having problems with the Like button or our other Social Plugins? Start here.

GitLab – free project and repository management application

Self Hosted Git Management. Fast, secure and stable solution based on Rails & Gitolite. Free and open-source. Distributed under the MIT License.

Highcharts – Interactive JavaScript charts for your web projects

Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript, offering intuitive, interactive charts to your web site or web application. Highcharts currently supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange and polar chart types

Elasticsearch PHP integration for your Symfony2 project using Elastica


Why does the Symfony 2 firewall take so long to load?

During the development of my current project, I noticed in the profiler that the Firewall took about 1 second to load, which was more than 50% of the total load time.

How to call shell programs as functions with PHP

I’m a big fan of Symfony’s Process Component. I’ve used intensively this component within a project and I noticed that I needed a wrapper to avoid to write again and again the same code.