Email jako login w Symfony 2

How to manually install Adobe Flash Player on your Android device

​New devices will soon be unable to get Adobe Flash from Google Play. Here’s how to install it manually.

Online Total Commander FTP wcx_ftp.ini password decoder

Free Web Fonts

Mount – Windows subst equivalent in Ubuntu

mount --bind /source /destination or in /etc/fstab /source /destination none bind 0 0

How to set chmod for a folder and all of its subfolders and files?

find . -type d -exec chmod -c 775 {} \; find . -type f -exec chmod -c 664 {} \;

How to push a new local branch to a remote Git repository

git push -u origin new-branch git fetch origin git checkout --track origin/new-branch

How to change last commit message if pushed by mistake

git reset --soft HEAD^ or git commit --amend git commit -m "New message" git push -f

Remove last commit from repository

git reset --hard HEAD~1 git push -f

Remove bad tag from repository

git tag -d bad-tag git push origin :bad-tag git tag -a good-tag -m "Add good-tag" git push --tags