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Running background processes in PHP

Upload files to Amazon S3 with Symfony2 and Gaufrette

Often it can be a little bit tricky to upload files to a web server and things become even more complicated when you want to store the uploaded files on Amazon S3. In this article I am going to explain how you can use Gaufrette to upload photos to S3 from a Symfony2 application. I ...

From STUPID to SOLID Code!

Decoupling (Symfony2) Forms from Entities

Avoid tight coupling between your forms and your Entities by using the Command pattern as an intermediate.

8 Reasons Why MySQL’s ENUM Data Type Is Evil

ENUMs in Symfony 2 and Doctrine

For Symfony 2 projects, add this to the doctrine dbal configuration in app/config.yml: doctrine: dbal: mapping_types: enum: string