RXJava by Example


Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables


Functional Java

Functional Java is an open source library facilitating functional programming in Java. The library implements numerous basic and advanced programming abstractions that assist composition oriented development. Functional Java also serves as a platform for learning functional programming concepts by introducing these concepts using a familiar language. http://www.functionaljava.org/

Jak ładują się samochody elektryczne: Kia e-Niro, Hyundai Kona Electric, Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X


Dlaczego Tesla wybiera paluszki, skoro inni producenci wolą bardziej płaskie ogniwa?


Które samochody mają TMS, aktywny system zarządzania temperaturą baterii i dlaczego to ważne?


Dlaczego ładowanie do 80 procent, a nie do 100?


IP Warming Schedules – an extremely important part of beginning to send email via a whitelisted, dedicated IP with any ESP (Email Service Provider)

IP warming is an extremely important part of beginning to send email via a whitelisted, dedicated IP with any ESP (Email Service Provider). IP Warming is designed to help you establish a positive reputation with ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Every time a new IP address is used to send email, ISPs programmatically monitor email from ...

Fix macOS Mojave Font Rendering Issue

How to fix the font rendering on macOS 10.14 Mojave Fix macOS Mojave Font Rendering Issue defaults write -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled -bool NO

Mocks And Stubs – Understanding Test Doubles With Mockito