MySQL: How to Write a Query That Returns the Top Records in a Group SET @group_rank := NULL; SELECT * FROM ( SELECT *, @group_hash := CONCAT(`column1`, '-', `column2`) AS _group_hash, @group_rank := IF(@group_value = @group_hash, @group_rank + 1, 1) AS _group_rank, @group_value := @group_hash AS _group_value FROM `your_table` AS `_your_table` ORDER BY `column1` ASC, `column2` ASC ) AS `_sub_table` WHERE `_sub_table`.`_group_rank` <= 2 ;

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A Practical Guide to MySQL JSON Data Type

A Practical Guide to MySQL JSON Data Type By Example JSON Labs Release: JSON Functions, Part 1 — Manipulation JSON Data JSON Labs Release: JSON Functions, Part 2 — Querying JSON Data Functions That Search JSON Values

Fingerprint.js is the most advanced open-source fraud detection JS library

Fingerprint.js has a unique approach to prevent fraud on your website. The library generates a unique identifier of a browser without using cookies or any information that can be easily reset by a malicious user. By storing this identifier in your database you will get an accurate idea if someone is trying use the same ...

Why you should totally switch to Kotlin

Na dwa kieliszki „Na dwa kieliszki”, bo blog na tyle właśnie kieliszków i na cztery ręce jest pisany. Pierwszy zestaw należy do E., drugi do M. i tego stanu rzeczy staramy się trzymać. Blog powstał raczej z do wina atencji, może nawet namiętności – niż z wiedzy czy „pasji” (czy innego jakiegoś modnego terminu). Powstał też dlatego, ...

Using MySQL 5.7 Generated Columns to Increase Query Performance

Error code guide on Xiaomi M365 scooter

What tire pressure should I use on my Xiaomi M365

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