Founding engineer or Founder/CTO

Take care editing bash scripts

Safely Force Pushing with Git using –force-with-lease=HEAD

Najlepszy widok na Drogę Mleczną w Polsce. Gdzie jest?

Najlepszy widok na Drogę Mleczną w Polsce. Gdzie jest? Tuż za niewielką wsią Stężnica w gminie Baligród!


Heavens-Above provides satellite visibility predictions and a host of other astronomy related information, all customized for your location.

Zniknięcie największej wsi Puszczy Noteckiej

Luzowanie ilościowe. Czym jest i dlaczego nie jest dobre

Google’s C++ differential privacy library

This project contains a C++ library of ε-differentially private algorithms, which can be used to produce aggregate statistics over numeric data sets containing private or sensitive information

What is the difference between WHERE and HAVING clauses? In fact, their functions complement each other. A WHERE clause is used is filter records from a result. The filter occurs before any groupings are made. A HAVING clause is used to filter values from a group. That means the WHERE clause is first applied to the result and then, the remaining rows summarized ...

JSON Schema $Ref Parser

Parse, Resolve, and Dereference JSON Schema $ref pointers in Node and browsers