A collection of useful resources for building RESTful HTTP+JSON APIs

This is a collection of useful resources for building RESTful HTTP+JSON APIs. There are a lot of good tools and entire ecosystems out there! It can be overwhelming not knowing what options are available, so you can use this as a reference starting point.

Jak uruchomić “Hotspot osobisty” w iPhone z sieci Plus GSM?


Helps use multiple accounts on Heroku


Online SQL Formatters

https://zeroturnaround.github.io/sql-formatter/ http://www.sqlinform.com/online-sql-formatter/

Regular Expressions


Microservices: mono repo vs multiple repositories

Our journey to microservices: mono repo vs multiple repositories CI/CD For Microservices Using Monorepos 7 things to consider while moving to a microservices architecture New wave modularity with Lerna, monorepos, and npm organizations A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages

PostgreSQL: How to Disable or Enable Foreign Key Constraint of a Table

https://www.dbrnd.com/2017/02/postgresql-how-to-disable-or-enable-foreign-key-constraint-of-a-table-data-migration-bulk-operation/ ALTER TABLE table_name DISABLE TRIGGER ALL; INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (1,6,50,60,90); ALTER TABLE table_name ENABLE TRIGGER ALL;

UUID Primary Keys in PostgreSQL

http://www.starkandwayne.com/blog/uuid-primary-keys-in-postgresql/ https://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/146135/psql-9-5-gen-random-uuid-not-working psql 9.5: gen_random_uuid() not working? SELECT gen_random_uuid() produces output: ERROR: function gen_random_uuid() does not exist SQL state: 42883 Hint: No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts. you can check if the functions are defined using: select * from pg_proc where proname like ‘gen_random_%’; ...

Java 9 + DBeaver 4.2.2 fails at start with NoClassDefFoundError / IllegalStateException

https://github.com/serge-rider/dbeaver/issues/2247 https://wiki.eclipse.org/Configure_Eclipse_for_Java_9 Workaround: add –add-modules=ALL-SYSTEM in dbeaver.ini after -vmargs

Await and Async Explained with Diagrams and Examples