Terminology in Symfony2 and Doctrine2. Record vs Entity vs Document vs Model

This User model is used throughout the bundle but doesn’t have a complete implementation to access its own data (I didn’t look but I think it could be an interface only). The final implementation is done in an entity class and another in a document class so no matter whether you use MySQL or MongoDB ...

Symfony2 and Ordering of Relations and Collection Form Fields


Logging Doctrine SQL queries in Symfony2


Update associated entities in Doctrine

My entities are Series, which has many Seasons, which have many Episodes. When an episode is created or updated I want to also update its related Series so that it always has correct firstYear and lastYear data for when the series was broadcasted.

Doctrine 2.2 pagination


Association Mapping

This chapter introduces association mappings which are used to explain references between objects and are mapped to a relational database using foreign keys.

Doctrine 2 in Depth


Introduction to Mapping Object Relationships


How to store Doctrine entities outside of a Symfony bundle?


Doctrine 2 hangs when enabling APC cache on Ubuntu

It is necessary to add a flag to the apc.ini file in /etc/php5/cli/apc.ini extension=apc.so apc.enable_cli=1