An abstraction layer for git written in PHP

Symfony2 deployment checklist

Using Jenkins for a Symfony2 project

easybook, book publishing as easy as it should be

easybook is an application that lets you easily publish books in various electronic formats

Plural rules for a given locale in Symfony2

The plural rules in Symfony2 are derived from code of the Zend Framework

Symfony Icu requires lib-icu – see “ICU and Deployment Problems”

Online Composer Cheat Sheet

Composer is the dependency manager for PHP. This site is a one-page-only doc for this tool.

How to set up JMSpayment Bundle and add the paypal plugin

Partial Doctrine entities

It turns out the solution is really simple. We just need to tell Doctrine of our intentions to fetch just part of the entity, by using the partial DQL keyword. SELECT partial l{id, title} FROM Log l Word of warning though: Doctrine will not lazily fetch the omitted fields, like it does for associations. If ...

Be lazy, be ESI: HTTP caching and Symfony2