Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations

The NelmioApiDocBundle bundle allows you to generate a decent documentation for your APIs.

Speedup Symfony2 on Vagrant boxes Optimizing Symfony applications on Vagrant boxes Speedup Symfony2 on Vagrant boxes

ACLs and Symfony2

Conditionally Requiring a Form Field in Symfony2

Upload files to Amazon S3 with Symfony2 and Gaufrette

Often it can be a little bit tricky to upload files to a web server and things become even more complicated when you want to store the uploaded files on Amazon S3. In this article I am going to explain how you can use Gaufrette to upload photos to S3 from a Symfony2 application. I ...

Decoupling (Symfony2) Forms from Entities

Avoid tight coupling between your forms and your Entities by using the Command pattern as an intermediate.

Doctrine Listeners

We’ve done a lot of work so its time to see one of the most powerful features of Doctrine: events. Using an ORM gives us the flexibility to have hooks that are executed whenever certain things are done, like when an entity is first persisted to the database, updated, or deleted.

Complex Symfony2 Examples: Users, Menus, CMS Features

Terminology in Symfony2 and Doctrine2. Record vs Entity vs Document vs Model

This User model is used throughout the bundle but doesn’t have a complete implementation to access its own data (I didn’t look but I think it could be an interface only). The final implementation is done in an entity class and another in a document class so no matter whether you use MySQL or MongoDB ...

Snippet for quick single file upload in Symfony 2.0