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The Principles of OOD


webMASTAH | Centrum webdevelopera


easybook, book publishing as easy as it should be

easybook is an application that lets you easily publish books in various electronic formats

The PHP Quality Assurance Toolchain


Plural rules for a given locale in Symfony2

The plural rules in Symfony2 are derived from code of the Zend Framework

Changing your MAC address


Powerful tools for measuring and tracking the quality of software projects for open- and closed-source development projects


Porady i wskazówki dotyczące wyszukiwania – Wszystko o wyszukiwaniu – Google


How to make composer to use an exact SHA1 value?

I want to make sure composer is using an exact version of a git repository by specifing the SHA1 of the commit. How can I do this? You can specify it after the version, as such (assuming you want the master branch): “dev-master#a93cbe224”