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Creating a local folder in Thunderbird

Standards for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS

The Principles of OOD

Powerful tools for measuring and tracking the quality of software projects for open- and closed-source development projects

Code Ownership

Czemu ludzie nie czytają?

How to create REST URLs without verbs? General principles for good URI design: Don’t use query parameters to alter state Don’t use mixed-case paths if you can help it; lowercase is best Don’t use implementation-specific extensions in your URIs (.php, .py, .pl, etc.) Don’t fall into RPC with your URIs Do limit your URI space as much as possible Do keep ...

REST-ful URI design

There can be confusion about URIs and URLs (and URNs!). To get a URL just tack on a server ( and a protocol (http or ftp) to a URI (/example): The URI identifies the resource. And a URL adds some information about how to get it.

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