Ansible Coding Conventions

Adding Remote Repositories $ git remote add pb git:// $ git remote -v origin git:// pb git:// $ git fetch pb

How to fix stale git branch -r (delete phantom git branches)?

When git remote branch is deleted, but still appears in ‘branch -a’, you should: git remote show origin git branch -d branch-name git remote prune origin git gc --prune=now

Using Satis for fast and reliable software deployment

Adding Mockery to Symfony 2.3

Building a Menu in Symfony With Events and Ordering

Fixed font issue with Midnight Commander in Terminal

If you have weird /interrupted/ lines around columns, you should set font for “Non-ASCII” chars as a Menlo, ie: 12pt Menlo Regular

How to set auto increment jumps by more than the number of rows inserted? auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset are intended for use with master-to-master replication, and can be used to control the operation of AUTO_INCREMENT columns.

Use dig to Perform Manual DNS Queries dig

OAuth2 with Symfony2