Tilde and caret version constraints in Composer – difference

Next Significant Release Operators Tilde and caret version constraints in Composer TLTR: There are also some syntactic sugar operators like ~ (tilde) and ^ (caret). ~4.1.3 means >=4.1.3,=4.1.0,=0.4.0,=4.0.0,=4.1.3,=4.1.0,=0.4.0,=4.0.0,

Using Satis for fast and reliable software deployment


How to make composer to use an exact SHA1 value?

I want to make sure composer is using an exact version of a git repository by specifing the SHA1 of the commit. How can I do this? You can specify it after the version, as such (assuming you want the master branch): “dev-master#a93cbe224”

Local Composer Repo

http://getcomposer.org/doc/articles/handling-private-packages-with-satis.md http://www.edsmith.org/content/create-local-composer-repo-satis http://moquet.net/blog/proxify-composer-php/