Directories used by the JetBrains IDE to store settings, caches, plugins and logs

PhpStorm/Netbeans all menu fonts are bold after upgrade to 12.04

sudo apt-get remove fonts-unfonts-core

Ignoring files in PhpStorm

Sometimes you might need to exclude a single file from your project, so that it will be ignored by inspections, code completion, etc. This is done using the Mark as plain text action. When a file is marked as plain text, PhpStorm does not use it anymore for code completion and navigation. Such file is ...

Polish spell checking for PhpStorm

aspell --lang pl dump master | aspell --lang pl expand | tr ' ' '\n' > polish.dic Next you go to settings, for single project or you can also set it as default (default setting wouldn’t apply to old procjects). Type in search “Spelling” change tab to “Dictionaries”, click + button to add folder where ...

Zero-configuration Web Application Debugging with Xdebug and PhpStorm

This tutorial describes how to get started with PHP web application debugging in PhpStorm IDE using Xdebug.

PhpStorm Factory methods

TextMate Bundles in PhpStorm

Setting Up a Symfony2 Project in PhpStorm