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Scala as a better Java
Why Should I Learn Scala?
Scala – język przyszłości
Dlaczego warto programować w Scali

Scala – pierwsze kroki cz.1
Scala — pierwsze kroki cz.2
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Podstawy Języka Scala
Scala Documentation – Unfortunately, there is not yet much documentation for Scala that is really usable for beginners in programming. On these webpages I try to collect all the Scala documentation you need for the courses that I teach (CS109 and CS206)

Scala cheatsheets
Scala Style Guide
A Tour of Scala

sbt Reference Manual

Learning Scala
Safari Books: Scala Cookbook
Scala Tutorials
Scala Tutorial
java2s: Scala Tutorial
Programming in Scala, First Edition

Scala Guide
Scala Guide – Code Formatting
Scala Guide – Best Practices
Scala Guide – Tips & Tricks

Scala School!
Effective Scala

The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala

Daily scala – A short daily dose of scala examples and occasionally explanations
Scala Overview on StackOverflow